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Really simple game.
Catch your food while avoiding enemies before the time is up!

In Vampire's Bit you will share you time with a little vampire girl that needs to drink blood to survive. To get that blood, late at night, she flies to a small village near her castle, after crossing a small forest. Help her to catch the villagers when they get out of their houses, avoid the vampire hunters, go back to the castle before the sun rises and try to get the highest score. How many nights can you survive?

NEW UPDATE! DEMO 3 (build 2)

Once again this update focuses mostly on controls and small bits of gameplay, based on the received feedback. Once that aspect feels clean and polished enought I'll start adding more interesting content to the game.
New stuff in this demo:

  • Player has diagonal movement
  • Player has a little bit of momentum
  • More varied AI
  • More sound effects
  • Procedural generated level layouts
  • New villagers design
  • New HUD design
  • New day and night cycle mechanics
  • New scoring and difficulty mechanics
  • Better pathfinding algorithm
  • Small bonus stages
  • Level clear screens
  • Graphic and sound configurable options
  • Screen filters
  • Lot of bugs fixed
  • Read full changelog here


  • Simple and fast-paced gameplay
  • 8-bit styled graphics
  • 8-bit styled music and sounds
  • Local high score saving
  • D-input gamepad support
  • Procedural generated stage layout
  • Graphic and sound configurable options
  • Scanlines filter
  • CRT filters (may be slow or buggy)
  • Low end computers friendly


There are some features I have in mind or I have already started working in, but didn't make it in time for this Demo.
Some stuff you will see on future updates includes

  • More polished graphics and animations
  • More music and sound effects
  • Power-ups and special habilities
  • Different types of villagers
  • Different types of enemies
  • Different types of bonus stages
  • Online hi-score system


A small and very simple one man project I started as my entry for AGDG's Waifu Jam 2016. Since I received a lot of positive reviews on it and I had a lot of ideas that didn't make it to the first demo in time, I decided to keep working on it to slowly make it bigger and better.
Main inspration, as you can imagine, comes from older games like Bomberman and Berzerk, and NES aesthetics and limitations.

Keep an eye on it for any future updates, and don't forget to send me any suggestions and any kind of feedback. Your opinion is highly appreciated!

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play!
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems might prompt you to install DirectPlay. You can choose to not install it if you don't want to, and the game will work properly anyway.


Vampire's Bit [DEMO 3] (audio fix).zip (4 MB)


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Latest build isn't booting if you set the previous game to full screen and restart. Player wasn't spawning even in windowed mode. Cannot currently play.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm currently working on fixing all the bugs found on the lastest build.
The first one has been fixed already but I'm having a really hard time with the second one since only two players so far (counting you) have found it, and no one else (including myself) has been able to replicate it. Mind if I ask you which OS are you using?
Again, thanks for the comment!


Sure, I'm running Windows 10 x64! If there's anything else I can do let me know :)

Thanks! As soon as I have news, or if I need something else I'll let you know!


cute proof of concept
I feel like the priest guy being able to walk through houses and kill you when you can't even see him is kind of dumb
music was solid
the spritework and animation are good, but the color palette was pretty bland
I can see a lot of potential for this to be a nice little puzzle type of game


Played for ten minutes and enjoyed it. Those villagers are just slippery enough to avoid me some of the time but not always.

The hunter AI will sometimes whiff and run by me when they really shoulda caught me, although perhaps thats not a bad thing as perfect AI can be frustrating to play against.

Would happily get bitten anytime.

Technical hitches: launching the exe always prompts me to install DirectPlay (playing on windows 10)
Input doesn't work on my 360 controller (related to directplay?)

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you had fun with it!
Yeah, the poor vampire girl would have a really hard time if the hunter gets too smart.

Found the DirectPlay issue today, seems something Windows 8 and up asks for some reason, but even if you choose to not install it the game should work perfectly (at least it did for me on 8.1)
I'm having some issues to get the Xbox controller to work properly right now (Cheap USB joysticks/D-input work perfectly though), but I hope to fix that soon.

Again, thanks for playing and for your feedback!


i enjoy your game, that's why i made a small demoplay of vampire's bit with a little of info that i obtain from here.

hope you like it.



Hi! Thanks for the video, I liked it a lot! I'm glad you enjoy the game!


Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMHpz14hpOQ

This is the Waifu jam version

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Thanks for playing and making the video, guys!

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Looks very nice!


That building is really scary with the hunter disappearing in it and some corners are traps! D:

Thanks for taking the time to play this and make this video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!